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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy & Active This Summer

Maintaining a healthy family diet during the summer months can be a challenge. Summer is the time to kick back and unwind, but oftentimes, we also relax our efforts to keep our families healthy. With lots of backyard barbeques, July 4th celebrations and long days by the pool or at the beach to look forward to, it’s easy to overindulge on the not-so-healthy stuff all summer long.

But don’t worry – I have good news. Your family can stay healthy and join in on all the summertime fun at the same time! Here are four easy ways to keep your family healthy this summer without sacrificing the fun:

1.  Eat a nutritious breakfast: Not all breakfasts are created equal. A donut or sugary cereal for breakfast may be quick and easy, but in reality, it’s just like eating a slice of cake for dinner! Make sure your family’s breakfast is healthy and nutritious so it fuels physical activity all day long, keeps you and your family feeling full and also facilitates bone, muscle and brain growth. Try a bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit and almonds, along with some scrambled eggs and a cold glass of milk. In a rush? Try a fruit smoothie with some veggies hidden inside, like our delicious Mango Spinach Smoothie. I promise your kids will love it and will be asking for it again and again! You can find more healthy breakfast recipes on our website.

2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily: Try to keep half of your plate filled with fruits and veggies at each meal. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter so your kids can grab a piece whenever they want. Are your kids asking for a sugary snack? Give them a bowl full of grapes! Sweet, delicious and nutritious – a great substitute for processed snack foods.

3. Stay hydrated: Replace sugary sports drinks and sodas with water, and lots of it! Water helps to keep your body running at an optimal level, especially in the heat of summer. If you want some extra flavor, add slices of fresh fruit like strawberries, lemons, limes, cucumber or watermelon. You can also throw in some fresh herbs like mint or basil to boost the flavor, too. Remember, staying hydrated prevents heat related illnesses like headaches, cold sweats and nausea.

4. Have fun staying active: Turn off the TV and take a family bike ride adventure or enjoy a family walk. Swim and splash all day long at the pool or learn a new sport together. Disguise physical activity in the form of family fun!