Good Health Makes Business Sense

A recent study found that employers incurred $89.9 billion in higher medical costs* for workers who were overweight or had obesity. 84% of employees in another study reported experiencing at least 1 workplace factor that negatively impacted their mental health, missing on average 8 days of work due to mental health**.

*GlobalData Economic Impact of Obesity and Overweight Study, 2023
**Mind Share Partners Mental Health at Work Report, 2021

Start Your Corporate Partner Membership

Employers across the country are adopting corporate wellness programs as a cost effective, socially responsible way to care for their employee while helping improve their bottom line.

As a mission-driven nonprofit leader seeking to help all in our community grow stronger, healthier and more connected in spirit, mind, and body, the Y seeks to partner with companies to offer affordable preventative health and wellness access to more neighbors across Central Florida.

It’s simple: Partnering with the Y brings value to your business and your employees.

A comprehensive, six-year study by Johnson & Johnson on the impact of their wellness program revealed a ROI of up to $3.92 for every dollar invested.

Healthy employees are more productive, have fewer absences, are more engaged and are less prone to work-related injury, yet only 25% of employees reported that they felt their company cared about their well-being.

Statista, 2023

91% Of employees feel more inclinded to do their best work when their company prioritizes employee well-being.

American Psychological Association, 2017

11% Difference in turnover rates for employes with strong cultures of health vs. those without.

Mercer National Survey of Employer-Sponsered Health Plans, 2017

87% Of candidates consider health & wellness offering when choosing an employer.

Zippia, 2023

89% Of employees working for a company with a wellness program who report being happy with their job and would recommned it to a friend.

Wellable, 2024

72% Of employers saw a reduction in healthcare costs after implementing a wellness program.

Zippia, 2023

6% Higher difference in satisfaction rating among employees for companies with corporate wellness programs.

Gitnux, 2023

1.8 Fewer numbers of days absent per employee per year reported amoung companies with successful health initatives.

Gapin Institute, 2002

Three Ways to Engage in a Corporate Membership

1. Membership Contribution For your Employees

  • Employers receive the most engagement and benefit from an employee wellness program as they contribute more.
  • We can tailor a corporate wellness program according to your objectives and budget.
  • Our most popular employer-paid corporate benefit is our Base Membership at $29 per employee who participates.
  • Employees will also have the opportunity to add additional members or upgrade their membership tier at a discounted rate.
Woman standing with hands in prayer pose during yoga class at the YMCA

2. Worksite Wellness Solutions

Choose from a range of programs designed to enhance the well-being of your employees. The Y will customize your wellness program and fee schedule to meet your objectives.

  • Group Classes Onsite
  • Monthly Educational
  • YMCA360
  • Sports Leagues
  • Evidence Based Programs


3. Support Opportunities for familes in our communities

  • Support a Y program and benefit
    from visibility and goodwill while
    making an impact.
  • Choose to make a 501(c3) charitable donation or sponsor a major event to help families in need have access to life-saving swim lessons, sports, camp, childcare and more.
  • Please contact our philanthropy team at [email protected] to learn more.


As a mission-based, community supported nonprofit, the Y is dedicated to helping all grow stronger together in spirit, mind, and body through preventative health and wellness programs, activities and services.

View Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Members receive access to 14 YMCA family centers conveniently located across six counties which provide a wide array of cardio and weight training equipment, hundreds of group exercise classes, pools, and much more! Plus, members with children on their membership can take advantage of up to two hours of child care each day so kids can stay safe, active, and learning as parents workout. For select membership tiers, members can also save up to 50% and enjoy early registration for programs such as youth sports, camp, and swim lessons. Also, members can take the Y on the go, with the YMCA360 virtual wellness app!

YMCA Trainer Working Out with a Member