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We’re committed to improving the lives of all of our members throughout Orange County and Central Florida!

Our family center is located at the intersection of Dr. Phillips Boulevard and Wallace Road, within walking distance of Dr. P. Phillips Elementary School. This state-of-the-art facility utilizes biometric technology (making carrying a membership ID a thing of the past), has a snack bar for your pre/post-workout cravings, and provides rehabilitation services by Orlando Health in partnership with Dr. P. Phillips Hospital. As a leading nonprofit, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone has a place to learn, grow, and thrive.

Let’s stay healthy together! Learn more about our commitment to cleanliness in our facility.

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7000 Dr Phillips Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819


The Dr. P. Phillips Y has a wide variety of amenities available to members. Come by our facility to check them out, or explore below!

1 Group Exercise Classes

Meet friends, fight stress, combat chronic disease, prevent obesity, and boost mental health in one of our group classes.

2 Free Weights and Cardio Equipment

Build strength at your own pace with our fully equipped weight room. Our fitness centers are stocked with ellipticals, treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers, stretchers, and more.

3 Adult Pickup Sports

Are you interested in activity through fun and games such as pick-up basketball, pickleball & Racquetball?

4 Saunas & Steam Room

Detoxify your skin and let your stress melt away while improving circulation and loosening stiff joints. Add a 10-minute steam into your post-workout routine to decrease your recovery and preserve your muscle strength.

5 Book Amenities Early

Are you interested in getting priority reservations for Group exercise classes?

6 Indoor, Outdoor or Family Pools

Are you interested in any of our aquatic activities, such as indoor & Outdoor pools, lap swimming, Water Aerobic Classes?

7 Aqua Fitness Classes

Shallow water and equipment for resistance helps you tone muscles, improve flexibility and increase endurance.

8 Discounts on Programs

Are you interested in any of our Adult sports leagues or programs including basketball, soccer & volleyball?

9 Child Watch

Children under 12 on your membership can enjoy a fun and safe child watch environment while you work out or take a class. Children over 12 on your membership get access to more than just child watch.

10 Y Explorers (5-12)

Kids ages 5-12 years old on your membership can explore new activities and interests through our Y Explorers program.

11 Teen Programs

Teen members and their friends gain access to customized events throughout the year in an intentional space to connect and be themselves.

12 Discounts on Youth Sports

Are you interested in any of our youth sports leagues or programs for ages 3-15, including basketball, soccer & volleyball?

13 Discounts on Child Swim Lessons

Are you interested in any of our youth aquatic programming such as swim lessons, family swim time, Recreational or Competitive swim?

14 Child Camp Discounts

YMCA Summer camps are among the nations most popular. Your child will have the time of their life with activities focused growing in spirt mind and body.

15 Virtual Classes & Learning

Take the Y on the go with classes, group fitness, and educational opportunities from the comfort of home.


Find Your Way to YMCA!

When you join the Y, you’re getting more than a typical gym membership. You’re gaining new friends, you have the chance to find a new hobby, you get resources like healthy recipes in your inbox, and much more. But most importantly, your membership will help support your community by ensuring the Y can continue to provide critical services to your neighbors in need.

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A multiracial group of three women sitting side by side outdoors, taking a break and conversing after exercising. They have towels over their shoulders and are holding water bottles. The African-American women are in their 40s. The Pacific Islander woman is in her 30s.


With a variety of classes to choose from throughout the week, everyone can stay active with group exercise. You can also enjoy courts for organized leagues, pick-up games, and more. We have an indoor pool available for lap swimming, swim lessons, recreation, too!

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Group Exercise Classes


Our certified wellness staff is always ready to help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal trainers are available for one-on-one or group sessions. No matter what your personalized plan includes, you’ll grow stronger with the help of Y!

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Personal Training


Be sure to download our app before coming into our family center. You’ll find group exercise schedules, hours of operation, available amenities, and other important updates to keep you in the know at your Y always. The benefits of using the app include outdoor activity tracking, connect other fitness apps and devices, and so much more!

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Academies are a group training program for kids and teens. Sessions are run with an emphasis on building character and teaching sportsmanship, learning the fundamentals of the game through fun activities, and improving technical skills with drills.

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Girl dribbling a basketball on the basketball court wearing an orange jersey while two other players watch


Competitive swimmers in Southwest Orlando are invited to join the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA USA Swim Team, a highly competitive swim team that embraces the same Y character values that you have come to cherish from our developmental swim team. As a member of USA Swimming, the National Governing Body for swimming in the United States, we are dedicated to supporting swimmers and preparing them for exciting and competitive swim meets. Join us at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA and embark on a journey to help your child thrive and excel in the world of swimming.

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Multicultural group of children on a swim team wearing swimming hats and goggles, smiling, and celebrating a win


Y Explorers intentionally fosters holistic youth development through a range of activities centered around helping youth learn valuable skills while having fun! Y Explorers is available for members in grades K–5 and is included in your family membership!

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Join us as we bring together friends from throughout the Orlando community in a unique and interactive learning experience. The Dr. P. Phillips YMCA will be hosting a year-long Togetherness Speaker Series presented by industry experts and will be available to community members at no cost.

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Starting atONLY$29per month

Customize your YMCA membership to fit the needs of you and your family by paying for only what you want.

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The Dr. Phillips Y offers a wide variety of programs to help all members of our community grow in spirit, mind, and body. From life-saving swim lessons, to fun-filled youth sports, to active older adult fitness, and more, there’s a program at the Y for everyone in your family

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Programs at the Y

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