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Our certified personal trainers have years of experience and are qualified to help YMCA members in any phase of their fitness journey.

We all need the advice and personal attention of an expert sometimes—and you can get just that with our Personal Training program! Whether you’re new to the gym, a triathlete, or simply wanting to break out of your normal fitness regimen, our YMCA personal trainers are here for you.

New Client Special
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Together, you and your personal trainer will develop a consistent workout schedule to help you see results and build lifelong healthy habits. With many different personal training packages available, you can choose the level of support that fits your schedule and budget.

Customized Routines

Achieve your goals!

We’ll work with you to create a fitness routine that caters specifically to your health goals including:

  • Weight Management
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport-specific and Specialty
  • Rehabilitation Transition
  • High-intensity Interval and Functional Training


Stick with your routine!

For some people, working out can be exciting at first, but feel easier to brush off as time passes. A personal trainer will help to keep you accountable and reach your current goals—then inspire you to set new ones.


Feel comfortable in the gym!

Your trainer will help you establish goals that are specific to your needs. They’ll tailor a program that takes into consideration your fitness level and any possible limitations you may have while helping you improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular health, and more!

Choose Your Crew

One-on-one or group settings!

You have the ability to work one-on-one with your personal trainer, or make some new workout buddies and train in a group! No matter which setting you choose, our trainers will keep you engaged and give expert exercise advice.

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Commitment Sessions

Establish the foundation for a lifelong fitness routine with our personal training subscription plan! Our certified Y trainers will help keep your workouts exciting and optimized. Plus, the longer you commit, the more you’ll save!

Single Package

This plan is great for someone looking to try out personal training for the first time, or someone looking to train for a specific activity. Purchase a batch of sessions and then decide how you want to spread them out!

Small Group

Exercise with friends with our small group plan! This non-subscription package allows you and a handful of friends to enjoy working out together, led by a Y trainer, and achieve your collective fitness goals.

Partner Training

Get the best of both worlds! Sessions will allow you to enjoy one-on-one attention with the trainer for some of the time, but also allow you to have fun exercising with your accountability partner under the direction of a certified trainer.

New Client Special

For $65, you’ll enjoy a 75-minute session with your trainer at your YMCA! This session includes a consultation with biometric assessments and measurements. After the consultation, your trainer will lead you through a workout that gives you a sample of the type of training you will be doing to help you meet your goals.

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I’ve lost over 80 pounds working with my personal trainer, Ryan. The key to this has been consistency and determination, support from my personal family, and support from my Y family.

Chris W.

Ashley has been my personal trainer at the Y for years. Because of her knowledge and dedication, I’m able to maintain the fitness level that I desire. She attends to the areas where I want to improve and pushes me weekly to be the best I can be.

Cindy G.

Pam has been my personal trainer for several years. She’s knowledgeable, personable, organized, and especially attuned to the needs of “mature” citizens like me to keep moving with an exercise regimen designed in tune with my goals and limitations.

John Z.

Nikki has been my trainer for 10+ years! Whether it be to get in shape or lose weight, she always motivates her clients to challenge themselves to achieve their personal goals through a healthy diet and exercise. Nikki tailors and modifies her workout sessions to the individual client allowing them to participate in various activities and classes with other clients despite their physical limitations or injuries.

Eleanor D.
YMCA Trainer Talking with Two Members Working Out

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Become a Better Version of Yourself get started with personal training at the ymca

This can range from weight loss to learning proper technique to getting educated about living a more balanced lifestyle. The more specific you are, the better our trainers can help!