Become an Advocate of the YMCA of Central Florida

At the Y, our areas of impact include Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. As a nonprofit organization, we have a long-standing track record and on-the-ground presence with fellow advocates to address the community‚Äôs most pressing philanthropic issues. Our Advocate Spotlight highlights the community collaboration that we’ve taken to go one step further. With support from these individuals and groups in our Advocate Spotlight, the YMCA of Central Florida will continue to work hard so every person has the opportunity to be healthy, confident, connected, and secure.

Barbara Roper

Barbara Roper at Podium

The first female board chair at the YMCA of Central Florida, and the first female board chair of Y-USA.

For more than five decades, Barbara has served as a pioneer of progress within the global YMCA movement. Her trailblazing work and unwavering perseverance helped to reshape the image of the YMCA from an association for young men to a movement committed to serving and improving the lives of all.