Y Inspired: Recovering From Major Illness

When Quinton English fell ill two years ago, he thought it was the flu. Saying goodnight to his wife, Betty, and daughters, Katie and Taylor, he hoped he’d feel better in the morning.

But when he didn’t wake up, it was his dog, Levi, who alerted the family that something was very wrong.

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“It all began with a dog bark and quick action by Betty,” said Quinton, a Dr. P. Phillips Y member who had contracted bacterial meningitis. “By the time the paramedics arrived, I was comatose and barely alive.”

Crediting divine intervention and quick work by physicians at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, Quinton survived. But re-learning how to walk, talk and fully function was difficult.

While at Orlando Health’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, Betty’s strength sustained him, while daughter Katie’s motivation kept him motivated and focused.  Following his release, Taylor accompanied him daily to the Dr. Phillips Y to work on rebuilding his strength and stamina.

“I arrived in a wheelchair and weighed 138 pounds, but my family’s support, prayers, and the Y staff kept me going.”  

Now fully recovered, Quinton says the Y helped him regain more than his health. “I went from being a dues-paying member to become very aware of what others are going through. The Y is here for all of us. And for that, I’m very grateful.”