Why Parents Should Pay Attention to the Esports Phenomenon

Video games have evolved tremendously since they first became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and now, electronic sports, or Esports, is taking the internet by storm.

Simply put, Esports is a competitive, organized video gaming experience. Gamers of all ages can join an Esports team or league and play popular video games such as NBA2k, Fortnite, and Super Smash Brothers, just to name a few. While playing Esports is popular, watching them may even be more so. According to marketing agency Colormatics, Esports viewers are expected to grow to 577.2 million worldwide in the next few years.

Some parents may be thinking, “But I want my child to spend less time playing video games!” I get it. As a parent, I often struggle to find a healthy balance of screen time for my child. But, Esports share many of the same benefits as traditional athletics or other team activities.

In fact, the concept of Esports has become so popular that within the last few years, more than 125 higher education institutions have created collegiate Esports programs, and more than 30 colleges and universities around the US offer scholarships for gamers. Many community organizations, including the YMCA of Central Florida, have launched their own Esports programs as well.

Research has shown that a quality Esports program can have a positive effect on participants, teaching things such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Online Safety
  • Healthy Competition
  • Socialization Skills

If you think Esports is something your teen may be interested in, I recommend you check out the Orlando Magic Gaming Esports Academy. This free resource is great for young people who are looking to learn more about Esports or to connect with professionals in the industry. MGEA also has a team of professionals who can answer any questions you may have as a parent.

Next time you ask your child to turn off the video game console, remember that they may be able to make a career out of it one day!