Tips for Sticking with Your Goals

Starting a new wellness routine can be a daunting task. You might not know how to make sense of all the different workout plans out there or simply be overwhelmed at the prospect of exercising again after not doing much for a longer period of time. And when it comes to eating, you may be burnt out after trying fad diets. No matter what you may be feeling, we want you to know the YMCA of Central Florida is here for you! Our Y team members are here to support you no matter what stage of your wellness journey you're on and want to offer a few tips for (re)starting your fitness routine.

Sticking with Your Fitness Goals

Find Activities You Enjoy
Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. Whether it’s a dance class, a sport you played as a kid, or even meditating in a quiet studio, find an activity that makes you happy, even if it does leave you a little sore. When you don’t dread physical activity, you’ll be more likely to stay moving.

Get in Some Group Exercise
YMCA members are encouraged to access one of the best benefits of their membership: group exercise classes! Our group ex classes are fun, supportive environments you can enjoy while you burn calories. We have a variety of high-intensity classes from Zumba and LESMILLS RPM to more relaxed classes like Tai Chi and Osteo-safe Pilates.

Download the YMCA of Central Florida app to access your local Y’s class schedule and reserve your spot in a group exercise class. Consider trying a variety of classes to keep your muscles guessing and your routine fresh throughout the year.

Start Small
It’s easy to charge into a new workout plan full-steam ahead, but resist the urge to overload yourself. Starting small will give you a greater chance of success and reduce the risk of burnout. For example, creating a cardio routine is a great first step of your overall goal to improve your mile time.

Talk with a Y team member at your family center and learn how to use the different cardio machines, and figure out what your baseline is. From there, increase your time and/or distance a little during each visit. You can also try adding a new activity once a week, such as swimming, for a low-impact cardio option. As you succeed with smaller steps, the habits will become routine and soon you’ll be reaching your larger goal.

Don't Go it Alone
Social interaction tends to make working out more enjoyable. Try setting a shared goal with a group of friends or using the Y's personal training program. The social aspect will keep you motivated, and you’ll be less likely to bail on your exercise plans. Not to mention, a personal trainer will help you train safely and celebrate results along the way!

Setting Your Food Goals

Food goals shouldn't solely about losing weight. Your personal food goals are meant to help you take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and learning how to fit eating healthier into your daily routine. Remember, everyone is different. What’s right for you might not be right for your friends, your sibling, or spouse. Our age, weight, and level of exercise will all play a role in your eating habits, too. While setting your goals, try not to think about what foods you need to restrict or how many unhealthy ingredients are in your snacks and meals. Instead, think about how slowly adding healthier options will help you to become the best version of yourself and help alter your mindset for the better when it comes to food.

Start by making sure your pantry is stocked with foods that appeal to you! We’ve compiled a list of pantry staples that are a great starting point to ensure your kitchen is always equipped with the proper ingredients to craft healthy meals. And for more inspiration, be sure to read the blog on kitchen essentials that can make life easier.