Three Reasons to Sign Up for Your First 5K

Getting started on a fitness plan isn’t always easy, especially as the end of the year approaches. With the holiday season starting to kick in, schedules get busier, and your time to focus on yourself often takes a backseat to the demands of your work-life balance. At the Y, we understand that this is a reality. That’s why we recommend setting your sites on something tangible to help you start – or continue – your healthy lifestyle. For more than 8 million people, that meant participating in a 5K walk or run in 2015. These races provide people of all walks of life with the opportunity to improve their fitness level, while surrounding themselves with hundreds of other like-minded individuals. At the Y, that’s exactly why we host the Turkey Trot – to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together for a common purpose. You might not consider yourself an “athlete” or a “runner,” but don’t let that stop you. The 21st Annual Turkey Trot might be just the event you need to kick your fitness regime into gear. Here’s why: Signing up for a 5K forces you to make a commitment. If exercise isn’t high on your priority list, participating in an event is a great way to change that. Not only have you signed up for the event, but you’ve paid the registration fee and locked the date in your calendar. This form of commitment makes it more likely for you to follow through with a training plan because you’ve invested more skin in the game than simply saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” Now that the first step has been made, it’s time to train. Participation in a 5K allows you to set goals for yourself. As with any event, there is a deadline – in this case, the day of the race. This end-date often serves as motivation to train. Before you start your training program, think about what your goals are. Is your goal to finish the race in a certain amount of time? Is your goal to improve your endurance? Or, is your goal to simply complete the race, even if you walk the whole thing? Regardless of the goal you choose, put some thought into what you want to achieve as you train. This will help you not only help you stay motivated, but it will also help you increase your fitness level as you go. Completing a 5K gives you a sense of accomplishment. Crossing the finish line is exciting, but more importantly, it’s empowering. You have succeeded at something you put your mind to, and probably something that you have spent a few months preparing for. Plus, as a participant of the Turkey Trot, you’ll be among more than 2,000 other participants experiencing the same sense of pride as you. With all of the energy and excitement of race day, being a part of the 21st Annual Turkey Trot is a special opportunity. And, the best part is, anyone can participate. So what do you say? Let’s take the plunge together! Register online for the Turkey Trot 5K or 10K walk/run today at Plus, check out our training series with our partners at the Big Hammock Race Series at It’s time to lace up your sneakers and commit to your fitness. We’ll see you on race day! “The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start!”                Ann Trason