Throwback Outdoor Games

Are you tired of being inside? Need something fun to do? Try these outdoor games to unplug, reconnect with your family, and play! We have a selection of nostalgic games to play with friends or family that are perfect for your outdoor activity. If you forgot how to play, don’t worry! We’ve included basic instructions to get you going. So what are you waiting for? Jump into Week 2 of the STRONG Challenge and Play On! 


Like many of us, you've probably done some deep cleaning lately, you probably found some old toys and knickknacks lying around the house. If a bag of marbles happened to be one of your finds, you’re in luck! Our next classic #ThrowbackThursday game is the classic marbles. You can teach your kids how to play this fun game that’s sure to cure cabin fever. Don’t worry, you can brush up on the rules below if you need a refresher. 

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Capture the Flag 

Start by gathering your family and designating a household item—such as a washcloth—as your flag. Then get to searching! This game is a great way to get the kids running and playing. It’s also a fun time for the adults to get away from their screens, so everyone can enjoy being outside and spending time together. 

In case you need a refresher, here’s how to play: 

  1. Divide into two teams. 
  2. Each team picks a spot to be their “base,” and establish a centerline between the two bases. 
  3. Each team hides their flag on their side of the centerline. 
  4. On either side of the line, there will be two “zones” to hold tagged people. There also will be a designated circle on each side where the flags are hidden (if you have enough players to permit, a guard can stand no closer than two feet away from the flag). 
  5. If a player is tagged on the other team’s side, they must go to the holding zone. 
  6. If a player who stole the flag is tagged, the flag is returned and the player goes to the holding zone. 
  7. A player can be released from the holding zone if their teammate tags them. Both players can freely walk back to their side. 
  8. Try to capture the flag without being tagged. Good luck! 

Kick the Can 

Everyone can enjoy unplugging and getting some fresh air with this classic game. The more players the better, and it’s a fun rendition on hide and seek and tag to mix up your at home game time.  

Here’s a refresher on the game rules: 

  1. Grab an empty can and find space to hide (preferably outside). The goal is to put all the players in “jail” by tagging them and revealing their hiding spots. 
  2. Select a spot for the “can” (this can be anything from an empty paint can to a bucket. Get creative!). It’s best to place it near an area that can be the designated jail, like a bench, playhouse, porch, etc. 
  3. One player is selected to be “It.” They kick the can and the other players go to hide. Once they replace the can, they can begin to search for other players. 
  4. When the “It” player finds another player’s hiding spot, they can either tag them or announce their name and hiding place. To capture them, this must be done while they are touching the can. The found player must go to “jail.” 
  5. If a player tries to kick the can, the “It” person has to beat them to it and call out their name. If the player beats them, all the players in “jail” are freed. 
  6. Once the “It” player has captured all the players, the game begins again, with the first captured player becoming “It.” 


All you need is a spot to lay down your square, a ball, and players (kids and family work great). So brush up on your skills and get to playing. 

Here’s how to play: 

  1. Gather chalk, a bouncy ball (like a dodgeball or soccer ball), and at least 4 players.  
  2. On a space at least 6 feet by 6 feet, draw a large square with the chalk on the ground. Divide this square into 4 smaller squares and label them 1 to 4.  
  3. Each player stands in one square. The player in square 4 serves by bouncing the ball once in their square and hitting it to another player in another square. The receiving player then hits the ball to any other player in any other square. 
  4. The ball must bounce in your square once before hitting it to another player and it bounces a second time. A player can hit the ball before it bounces. 
  5. If a player hits the ball and it misses another player’s square, or they miss the ball prior to the second bounce, they are “out.” 
  6. When a player is “out,” the other players take their place, and that player moves to the last square. 
  7. The object of the game is to move up in the squares and take the server’s position. 
  8. Don’t forget to have fun! 

Player Tip: If you have more than four players, the remaining players can wait outside the square and take the place of any players that are “out.” If you have fewer than four players, search online for the rules to twosquare, which is a rendition of foursquare with two players. 


Brush off your foursquare space, and grab some chalk. A fun twist to this classic game is to let the kiddos pick a unique object to mark their spaces and spice it up from a boring rock. 

Did you know that ancient Roman citizens would play hopscotch to test their strength and speed? Although you may not jump as far as they did (up to 100 feet!) or carry weights, hopscotch is a fun way to get moving and even work on balance and coordination!  

Here’s a breakdown on how to play: 

  1. Draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground with chalk. It’s usually comprised of ten boxes, alternating between single and double boxes as the pattern goes on. Make sure your boxes are large enough to fit feet, and that your rock/object won’t bounce out too easily! 
  2. Starting behind box #1, throw a small object (like a rock or beanbag) onto box #1. If you miss one of the boxes, you forfeit your turn. 
  3. Begin hopping in each box except for the one your marker is in (hop over it). If you step on a line, step in the wrong box, or step out of the box, you lose your turn. 
  4. Once you reach box #10, turn around and hop back through the pattern. Pick up your marker on the way, being careful not to put your other foot on the ground. 
  5. After completing your turn, pass the marker on to the next person.  
  6. On your next turn, toss the marker into box #2 and complete the same steps as above. Your goal is to complete the pattern with your marker on each box before anyone else does!