Start a Nature Journal

We all know the importance of going outside and getting some fresh air, but did you know the mental and spiritual benefits of enjoying nature go far beyond being outdoors? Research shows that simply by interacting with nature in some way, you’re more likely to be happy, productive, and creative. A unique and simple way to achieve that is to start a Nature Journal! 

If you keep any sort of journal, you know how cathartic it can be to write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. A nature journal is similar, except to fill these pages, you have to go outside first! 

Whether your nature journal is crafted with just paper and pencil, or stickers, leaves, and other fun things, you’ll be sure to feel great after adding these entries. Take a look at some of these websites with suggestions to get you started on your nature journal: 

From what materials to include, to the benefits of nature journaling, and more, explore how you want to catalogue your time in nature. 

No matter where you find the ‘nature’ that you include in your journal—whether it’s miles away or right in your own backyard—the positive impact of connecting with the Earth will make you feel like soaring over mountaintops and surfing on seas. Nature is beautiful and all around us, and as we take time to grow healthier in our spirits, minds, and bodies, look outside for inspiration to grow your own inner peace, joy, and strength.