Family of four reading the Bible in the grass and smiling


As we begin the month of March, many Christians worldwide will enter into a time of remembrance of the events leading up to Resurrection Sunday called Lent. This 40 day period is a time of reflection, seeking forgiveness, and preparing our hearts for both Good Friday and Easter. Many believers choose to give up something they love as a symbolic sacrifice of the greatest sacrifice—Jesus’ life. Still, others decide to take up something like Jesus did as he was willing to take up His cross and die a terrible death.

If you are on your own 40 days Lent journey or thinking about trying this spiritual habit, I will invite you to reflect on learning from the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness at the start of His earthly ministry found in Luke 4:1-13. We see that that devil used these 40 days to drive a wedge between Jesus and the Father. The devil approached Jesus when he was “HIT” (Hungry, Isolated, and Tired). The same is true for us today. When we are HIT, we are not at our best physical, emotional, or spiritual selves. When we are hungry, isolated, and tired physically and emotionally, we often make poor choices in the moment. As you are on your Lent journey, if you choose to practice the habit of fasting, make sure you are not isolated and tired. If you decide to spend time away from others in solitude, be sure to rest well before. Our success in obtaining our spiritual goal this season of lent can be achieved with just a little planning, so we don’t get HIT.

Blessings on the Journey,
Pastor Chad