Easy Menu “Swaps” for A Healthier Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching. Many are still struggling with the dreaded “holiday weight gain.” So what is one to do when preparing to host a game day party?  Create winning food for yourself and your guest.  We guarantee a victory!

Remember, the key is moderation and control:

  1. Consider using a smaller plate when selecting your snacks. This will help you to eat less.
  2. Pace yourself especially when consuming alcohol.
  3. Drink plenty of water it will keep you feeling full and bonus you stay hydrated.
  4. We tend to eat more when we are in the company of others, so pay more attention to the action on the field rather than the food on the table.

Easy Swaps

Deep fried hot wings: Bake the wings in the oven, and then finish under the broiler for that crispy skin. Grilling works great too.

Chili: Use ground turkey or shredded chicken instead of ground beef and use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  Or leave the meat out altogether for great vegetarian chili.

Dips: Replace the sour cream by using Greek Yogurt, serve humus with whole grain pita.

To ensure that you have a healthy nutritional component to your Super Bowl party add in these items too. Yogurt dip, nuts, fruits (especially berries), multigrain or whole-grain crackers and chips, guacamole, salads, fresh vegetables, and water with lemon or citrus garnishes.