Creating a Family Summer Bucket List

The start of a new month, a new season, and the latest Better Us Challenge is the perfect time to consider trying something new. For week 1, we're encouraging everyone to set at least one personal goal for themselves and one for their family. This goal can be related to fitness, nutrition, or even experiences! To help get you started, we're providing some ideas for things your family to enjoy together. We also encourage you to add a few more activities to your list that you can do in your local neighborhood!

  1. Bring the entire family to your local YMCA and try a totally new group exercise class together.
  2. Search through our healthy recipe catalog and pick out something new for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert that you can all prepare together.
    Tip: Use our "Kid Friendly" filter when searching to ensure everyone is able to be included in the kitchen!
  3. Make an impact in your area by volunteering together as a family.