Two Women in Group Bootcamp Class holding Weight Medicine Ball

Expert Advice for Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

Start the Year off Strong

New Year’s resolutions are always fun to plan, especially the ones related to fitness. There’s something about a brand new calendar year that encourages a mental reset and an enthusiasm for trying new things.

After celebrating the holidays and taking some well-deserved time to yourself, pop the tags off of those new workout clothes and get ready for another exciting year of self-discovery! Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years on how to get healthy (and stick to those resolutions!) when working out at the Y:

Find Activities You Enjoy

Exercise doesn’t have to be painful. Whether it’s a dance class, a sport you played as a kid, or even mediating in a quiet studio, find an activity that makes you happy. If you don’t dread it, you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

Get in Some Group Exercise

Download the YMCA of Central Florida app to access your local Y’s class schedule. Choose a class and select the “remind me” button to save it on the calendar of your phone. Consider trying a variety of classes to keep your muscles guessing and your routine fresh throughout the year.

Start Small

It’s easy to charge into the new year full steam ahead; resist the urge to overload yourself. Starting small will give you a greater chance of success and reduce the risk of burnout. Creating a cardio routine is a great first step. Schedule an equipment orientation at your local Y and learn how to use the different cardio machines. From there, increase your distance a little during each visit.  You can also try adding a new activity once a week, such as swimming, for a low-impact cardio option. As you succeed with smaller steps, the habits will become routine and soon you’ll be reaching your larger goals.

Don't Go it Alone

Social interaction tends to make working out more enjoyable. Try setting a shared goal with a group of friends or hiring a personal trainer to hold you accountable. Did you know that the YMCA offers individual, partner, and small-group training? The social aspect will keep you motivated, and you’ll be less likely to bail on your exercise plans. Not to mention, a personal trainer will help you train safely and celebrate results along the way!

Keeping up with a new workout routine can be challenging.  Be open to new experiences and lean on our staff to help guide you—it’s what we’re here for!

What are my New Year’s resolutions, you ask? I’ve narrowed it down to two. Feel free to add them to your list:

1. Keep

2. Going

Cheers to a wonderful 2020 and the adventures and surprises that await us this year!

Guest Author
Trish Villanueva, former Senior Wellness Director, Dr. P. Phillips YMCA