YMCA Aquatic Center Hosts International Competition

At the Y, developing the minds of our youth is just as important as coaching them in basketball or teaching them how to swim.  That’s why we are hosting the 11th Annual MATE International ROV Competition in our own YMCA Aquatic Center during June 21 - 23. We are working together, because the MATE Center and the Y have similar goals with respect to education programs. No other YMCA has hosted an educational event of this magnitude before. We are opening our doors to more than 50 teams from middle schools, high schools, home schools, after-school clubs, community colleges and universities around the world. The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center coordinates an underwater robotics (remotely operated vehicle or ROV) competition with the goal of getting students excited about science technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Y of Central Florida collaborates with educators, business leaders and local governments to develop unique learning environments that support academic achievement and high performance in schools.  We've partnered with Lockheed Martin Corporation to establish the Technology Center at our South Orlando Y, which provides students at neighboring community schools with an opportunity to explore careers in math and science that play a significant role in Central Florida’s economic development. In February, we hosted the Red Tail Pilots Tribute Event where we brought our community together to show youth that math and science careers are great options to building a better future.  Kids were inspired by the historic Red Tail Pilots who told stories about moving forward against all odds. We are determined to teach kids how important math and science skills are to the community and the world. The Y of Central Florida is creating technical programs and opportunities in our local community and the MATE Center is using an international ROV competition to reach the same goal – to motivate students to study STEM and pursue careers in STEM fields. We welcome students and leaders from around the world who are developing the ability to problem solve, think critically, and work as a part of a team. Together, we can help develop the minds of young people in Central Florida and around the world.