Winter Park YMCA Aquatics Complex Grand Opening

More than 400 families are enjoying the new Aquatics Complex at the Winter Park YMCA today. The Family Center is hosting a Labor Day grill and chill pool party to open the new amenity, which includes a ramp with rails for easy access, a dedicated space for water aerobics and senior fitness classes, climbing ropes and giant water-pouring bucket for kids, and a dedicated hoops area where teens can improve their game and agility. "We knew there was excitement about the grand opening, but the response today was more than we could have hoped for," said Andrea Massey, Winter Park YMCA Board Chairman. "The people who supported and helped make this happen should be very proud of themselves." The Winter Park YMCA sees the new aquatics complex as part of a new era of health, wellness and accessibility for all. Pools are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for so many people who want to maintain their mobility, independence and social connections with others, and this new addition provides that and much more for both individuals and families. For more information, contact the Winter Park YMCA at 407-644-1509.