Our difference: Addressing Childhood Obesity

A visit from Michelle Obama

  At about 3:30 pm on Tuesday, July 10 2012 two White House secret service representatives approached our Blanchard Park YMCA Camp coordinator and requested a private meeting with her. They said, “We want to let you know Michelle Obama is on her way to this Y location to spend time with the kids in your Summer Camp program”.   It turns out, the White House had been scoping-out the Y for a week and felt this was a program that clearly aligned with the First Lady’s child obesity platform.   So, why did the First Lady choose the YMCA among other health and fitness organizations in the Orlando area?  That is clear; the YMCA is more than a swim and gym. We are a cause driven organization that advocates and addresses pressing issues in our communities. One clear example of this is our Summer Camp Programs.   Hosted at YMCA of Central Florida Family Center locations, our Summer Camp Programs are all about:
  • Curbing childhood obesity and improving children’s health and well-being through ongoing activities planned as part of our program curriculum and nutrition guidance through tips and information shared with kids and parents.  
  • Reducing Family Stress by providing an option for parents to leave their children during work hours in a healthy, secure and nurturing environment like the YMCA and in a program that keeps the kids active with plenty of planned activities designed to keep them moving and learning.
  • Improving Literacy by exposing children to books and learning activities that emphasize reading.
  • Teaching values by demonstrating the values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith while kids interact with each other during camp activities.    
  We invite you to get your child or those of your friends and neighbors involved in any of our Y of Central Florida youth development programs. From swimming to diving, from basketball to soccer, from kid fitness to camps, all of our program aim to nurture the potential of our kids and produce healthier, more successful and connected kids across our communities.   Or, simply join in to help curb childhood obesity by providing healthier snacks and foods to kids, substituting TV time with activities that keep children active, and exposing kids to books on subjects they like reading about to inspire a passion for learning.     [gallery columns="4" ids="20604,20597,20593,20602"]