Keeping You Healthy with Fresh Options

At the Downtown Orlando YMCA, we are constantly living our cause by strengthening our communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.   Promoting health living is not just about fitness, it also includes what we nourish our mind, body and spirit with. Recently, we celebrated Healthy Living week at the Downtown Orlando YMCA. During this week, we decided to launch our Eat More Produce farmer’s market corner. The enormous support we received encouraged us to continue to provide this additional amenity to our members weekly; every Wednesday from 8 AM-8 PM members are able to purchase fresh produce at the Downtown Y. Even more, we provide healthy recipe cards and nutritional facts featuring a different fruit or vegetable every week. You can learn the extra benefits of these fruits and vegetables while finding ways to prepare good and healthy meals.   At the Y, we believe in doing everything possible to not only communicate our cause to the world but to actually live it. We are committed to changing the lives of our members and helping them stay connected with their personal health goals for good.  

What does healthy living mean to you? Better yet, how have we at the Y helped you maintain a healthier lifestyle?