How the Y Fosters Learning from Cradle to College

YMCA Early Childhood Development Centers

Operated at Walt Disney World Resort, these two centers give children, birth to age three, the consistent, nurturing care they need for the best possible social and cognitive development.Y teachers guide children through important early developmental stages. They also provide the consistent, positive relationships which children need to develop trust in themselves and others.   YMCA Elementary and Middle Afterschool Programs In partnership with Orange County Public Schools and Orange County Government, the Y has developed high-quality, learning-focused after school programs that serve more than 5,300 students and their families each school day. The programs are conveniently operated on-site at more than 30 elementary and 50 middle school locations, which means parents don’t have to worry about after-school transportation or their children’s safety. In this learning-rich environment, students can study, get help with homework and participate in great enrichment clubs and activities. Guiding everything is the Y’s outcome-based curriculum, which focuses on values, reading, wellness and strengthening families. Camp Wewa For more than 50 years the Y’s Camp Wewa in Apopka has been helping kids achieve their highest potential in spirit, mind and body. It also has a long history of  providing the strong role models and mentoring kids need to become better leaders. In fact, many of Central Florida’s most successful adults developed their early values and leadership skills here.   Lake Nona YMCA/Northlake Park Community School Since its founding 14 years ago, the co-located Lake Nona YMCA/Northlake Park Community School has set a new standard for innovation and academic achievement around the nation.  An “A” rated school from the start, the facility combines an Orange County Elementary School with a Y Family Center, where students, teachers, families and neighbors enter through the same door. Open seven days a week, 362 days a year, it’s also a true hub of civic pride and engagement that brings people together to support education and the community. YMCA's Lockheed Martin Technology Centers Chances are, when you step inside the Y’s Lockheed Martin Technology Centers, you’ll meet the future engineers and scientists of tomorrow. In 2008, Lockheed partnered with the Y to create the nation’s first community-based high-tech learning center at the South Orlando Y. In 2012, a second center opened at the Tangelo Park Y. Since then, the program has helped nearly 2,000 students improve their science, technology, engineering and math skills. Lockheed volunteers also provide great mentoring and career advice, as do Microsoft technology experts who also support the program.