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First Friday Message

"Life's Principles"

When I committed to writing these First Friday messages, I did so with the goal of sharing many of the issues that I wrestle with in trying to lead this proud organization forward. I seldom face paths that are clear-cut and, along the way, I chalk up lots of lessons about fatherhood, leadership, and simply being a better person.

Today’s message will be brief because, frankly, I’m still processing the impact of it on my life.

At a recent YMCA board meeting, I was touched by a story shared by one of our board members. He recalled a lesson imparted to him by his father about the 4 Biblical Principles of Giving.

Principle #1: Giving is to be a priority.

Principle #2: Giving is to be done proportionally.

Principle #3: Giving is to be done sacrificially.

Principle #4: Giving is to be done cheerfully.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to ask you for money (…yet).

The “A-Ha!” in his comments for me was how these principles could/should apply to EVERYTHING we do and, if applied as such, the return on that investment of intentionality could be life-changing.

I’m sure many of you are perfect in many of the endeavors of your life, but that’s not my story. I could fill a book with the times that I’ve cut corners in my varied roles as a father, brother, son, husband, friend, mentor, and leader. The times when I haven’t given my all to a relationship when I haven’t made excellence a priority, or the times when I know I could have put more on the line to garner a better result.

The blessing, however, we have in this life is that we are afforded the opportunity to live, learn, and do better.

If you are inspired by the biblical principles of giving, especially during this Easter season, and the example set by Jesus, I’d love to hear how you might apply them to other aspects of your life to live happier and healthier. Maybe we’ll help each other as accountability partners.

Until next time…

Kevin Bolding, President & CEO
YMCA of Central Florida

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