Dr. Phillips Charities: Impact That Makes a Difference

In 41 years of nonprofit leadership, I can safely say that no other philanthropic benefactor has ever had a deeper impact on a community than Dr. Phillips Charities. As its primary beneficiary, the Y of Central Florida has been especially blessed.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Phillips Charities has invested an astounding $38,447,923 in our Y, including its most recent gift of $4.2 million.

It’s a monumental legacy that’s empowered our organization to grow our mission and serve more than 235,400 people per year. It’s also enabled the Y to go into – and remain ─ in 27 communities – including fragile neighborhoods that need us the most. And through Safe Start, funded through Dr. Phillips Charities, the Y has kept more than 13,400 children safe from drowning.

When we talk about impact, there’s simply no better measure than the success of our youth. And as we wrap up another successful summer, we’re thrilled to report that 23,900 Y campers made significant gains in learning. Thanks to 8.4 million minutes of reading time, 82% of “high attendance” campers increased their reading ability by three months.

It’s the kind of impact that makes a difference. And it’s the kind of work we’re able to do thanks to the vision, leadership and generosity of Dr. Phillips Charities. And for that, we’re all blessed.

Jim Ferber
YMCA President/CEO