Celebrating Our Donors and Real Change

At the Y, we're bigger than a health club.  That's why the Roper YMCA hosted our Major Donor Celebration dinner at the Garden Building in Downtown, Winter Garden. At the event, we recognized donors that made contributions of $1,000 or more to the Roper Y Youth Scholarship Campaign. This particular campaign helps keep less fortunate kids off the street and gives them opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. The Roper Y is committed to developing youth, promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging giving and supporting our neighbors in the community. Strengthening the foundation of our community is our cause. It’s through the generosity of our donors that we are able to provide over $300,000 in financial assistance to the community every year. Over 1,200 people and 700 kids benefit annually from our scholarship program at the Roper Y. Over $150,000 in support was received from our members and the community in 2012. We have the presence and partnerships to deliver lasting personal and social change. At the Roper Y, we are committed to our mission and vision of “helping each person reach their highest potential in Spirit, Mind and Body.” Tell us what you think makes the Y bigger than a health club.