Kid holding raspberry while sitting outside at picnic table

Can Food Change Your Mood?

Can your food choices really improve your mood?

Gary Appelsies

Many experts and studies say the answer is yes, the foods you choose can improve your mood. If you think about it, it’s not rocket science. When you feel down or tired do you generally reach for a plate of fresh steamed veggies or a big beautiful bowl of sliced up strawberries with yogurt honey and fresh mint? Probably not, you go for comfort, you might even crave something like chocolate, cake, ice cream, something fried or something salty. At that moment in time, it tastes good, it comforts you and yes it is even Y-U-M-M-Y! But oftentimes it can have the complete opposite effect. Sure for the moment, you feel good but then there is guilt and feelings of sadness after. Your body basically “crashes”.

Studies have proven that what we now call “superfoods,” like, salmon, oatmeal, quinoa, blueberries, kale, spinach, and broccoli can increase the so-called “feel good” hormones that stimulate the brain, stabilize your blood sugar levels and help your cell membranes be resilient.

If you start to incorporate more of these superfoods into your daily diet you might soon find out that your body rejects foods that you used to crave. You will love it when you are feeling low and suddenly you grab a healthy snack instead of a candy bar.

While foods can contribute a lot to how you feel, you may want to incorporate more exercise as well, go for a walk, bike ride, or the gym. Seek out those people in your life who contribute to your happiness and well being, and start spending more time with them. Be sure that you are also getting plenty of rest.