Building a Great Y in Osceola County

Osceola needs a great Y and thanks to Dr. Phillips Charities and Mary Jane Arrington, the Y is breaking ground in September to reinvent the Y to better serve the men, women and children of Osceola County. Arrington led our Osceola County Y Capital Campaign and raised $250,000 and Dr. Phillips Charities contributed a matching $1.5 million toward our Osceola Y..

Why do we need to reinvent the Osceola Y? Being the leading county in the state for foreclosures and one of the hardest hit by the recession, Osceola County is a county in need.  The Y wants to help people live better lives. Our renovation will allow us to provide more of the programs, services and initiatives that make healthier communities, get children and teens off the street, help send disadvantaged teens to college and lead the fight against chronic illnesses. We want to help move our community forward.

The Osceola Y expansion will add 10,300 square feet, making it one of our largest YMCAs in Central Florida, and allowing more neighbors to connect with one another and the community.

The new Y will offer a Pulse Area or gathering area designed for members, families and friends can all come together and meet or make new friends as they develop lasting, meaningful relationships.

Expanded Wellness Center that gives members new ways to get healthy, including:
  • New Studio Cycling Room
  • New Multipurpose Room for aerobic classes and other uses
  • Adult and Family Locker Rooms providing members with convenience and saving time.

Let's come together as neighbors and celebrate our commitment to our community as we transform not only the Osceola Y, but the entire Osceola community with the generous support of Dr. Phillips Charities and Mary Jane Arrington. Join us for this celebration on November 3, 2011 at 10 AM.

Help us advance our cause.