At the Y, Kids and Summer Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

 At the Y, we believe summer should be a time of active play, learning and exploration for kids. But for too many children, opportunities to keep their minds and bodies active end with the school year.   In fact, research shows that kids gain weight three times faster and fall significantly behind in their studies over the summer.   To prevent this, the Y’s summer camp program ensures that kids, ages 5-16, receive at least one hour of reading instruction per day. Values and additional reading activities are also intertwined with fun special-interest opportunities, things like rocketry, robots, music and drama.   And to help kids stay fit and able to maintain a healthy weight, campers are also up, moving and physically active for another full 60 minutes per day.   It all adds up to a huge impact, which we are measuring right down to the minute. So far this summer, more than our campers have benefited from a combined total of:  
  • 1,665,278 minutes of reading time
  • 936,399 minutes of values-based learning
  • 2,274,437 minutes of wellness and physical activities
What it also means is that kids are progressing, not regressing this summer. And when they return to school in the fall, they'll be further ahead in their studies, their health and ability to resist negative influences. And that's an impact we can all be proud of.