Youth Sports, More than a Game

Our youth sports program has many great physical and mental health benefits for kids that play. With the childhood obesity epidemic, youth sports are used as an amazing avenue for kids to get out and exercise while participating in a safe and fun environment. Along with the exercise, kids are also learning how to work as a team while building their self-confidence and self-worth. Parents and coaches also see social benefits to the Y’s youth sports program. The biggest and most seen social benefit that the kids get is the simple interaction with all different types of children and other adults. These interactions provide excellent educational opportunities for our kids, like respecting others or following rules. Kids will also have the ability to learn new ways of thinking from their teammates and coaches as well. Now, you can sign up your children for winter sports. This season we will be featuring youth basketball and flag football. For non-members, Registration begins on December 1st. Registration runs through December 29th, practice starts the week of January 14th. The coaches meeting will be on January 9that 6:30p.m. How has youth sports made an impact on your child's life?