Kids in a Group

The Makings of a Strong Community in Osceola County

At the Y, we are determined to provide a place where the community can come to be healthy, active, connected and secure. Increasing unemployment rates and foreclosures brought a lot of negative attention to Osceola County, driving business to divest in this area. Yet, when other businesses backed out of the community, the Y stepped in and was determined to be the spark that ignited change and hope in the people that needed us most. To drive positive change we knew we needed a rejuvenated Osceola County YMCA. A place that could serve as a community hub, where we could nurture life lessons in kids, foster health and well-being among people of all ages, bring people together to pursue passions old and new, and provide mutual support for everyone in our neighborhoods. Now, with the completion of the 10,000 square feet renovation of our Osceola County YMCA, the surrounding community is finding more opportunities to come together than ever before. And lives are being changed. Our cause for building a bigger and better Osceola Y was centered on building a stronger community through resources and programs that get kids active and using their spare time constructively; fight chronic illnesses, like obesity and diabetes which have become epidemics in our society; and, make our entire community healthier, united and strong. In just a few short months, we’ve engaged more people in swimming activities, connected more people to health and wellness resources, and brought together our diverse neighborhoods all in an effort to forge a supportive, nurturing, and unified community. Here is one among many examples of the impact we have made in this community to date.


April Adams is a mother of triplets, and before she came to the Y working out seemed like a daunting task.  Keeping up with three boys was hard enough. How could she possibly find the time to maintain a workout routine and pay for a babysitter? Our Osceola YMCA child development center stood in the gap for April, like we do for many moms who are just trying to live healthy lives. As she dropped her three boys off at our child development center, her worries of leaving her children alone melted as she met the child development staff.  April was free to focus on her health and she has kept up her routine for a few years now.  The Osceola County YMCA not only reduces stress within the Adams family, but it provides a healthy and nurturing environment for the triplets. “Our boys ask every day when we put them to bed if we are going to the Y the next day.  With the addition to extra programs that the Y offers, our boys were able to participate in their first soccer clinic which taught them values and built their confidence,” said April Adams. 


The Osceola County YMCA renovation project was made possible through the collaboration of the private and public sector. Under the leadership of Mary Jane Arrington, Osceola County Supervisor of Elections, $250,000 was raised. Dr. Phillips Charities, committed to helping people help themselves in this county, matched these funds with a generous donation of $1.5 million. Without them, the impact we are seeing today in the Kissimmee community would not have been possible.


Our Osceola County YMCA is located in a community that is economically challenged, in need of financial assistance and support from caring neighbors. That’s why the Y re-invests operational revenues in underserved areas like Kissimmee and reaches out to this community with membership and program fees that reflect the area’s average household income. We also provide financial assistance in the form of member scholarships for those who need just a little help with dues. Why does the Y do this? Because, at the Y, we welcome everyone and want everyone in Osceola County to benefit from the resources the Y has to offer kids, adults, seniors and families to help them learn, grow and strive.


At the Y, we have a vision for the makings of a strong community: we see a community that unites and empowers every single person to stay healthy, active and connected. To this end, we are bringing the Kissimmee community together for a week-long celebration starting Saturday, August 25th and concluding with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Community Celebration on Thursday, August 30th. We invite the community to join us as we celebrate our diverse neighborhoods with daily activities that reflect a taste of the world. You can participate in the family-friendly activities created specifically for the celebration, tour the renovated Y facility or simply try a group exercise class. It’s up to you. Join us as we celebrate our commitment to the health and community of Osceola. Call the Osceola County YMCA at 407.847.7413 for more details.