Man reading a book while sitting on the couch

Self-care is Not Selfish Care

If you have ever traveled on a commercial airline, you have heard and probably ignored the flight attendants giving the safety briefing. It is actually very good advice on how we should approach our own self-care. It often sounds something like this: “In the event of the cabin losing air pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartment… please place your mask over your nose and mouth before attempting to assists those around you.”

Taking care of ourselves is not always our first reaction when it comes to our everyday living. However, to be healthy in spirit, mind, and body, we have to first look to carve out the time needed to put on your own masks. As this New Year starts, make sure you are finding the time for reflection, meditation, and prayer to help renew your spirit. Rest not just by sleep, but rest from work and life’s weighty responsibilities to restore our mind. Then opportunities to make one more positive choice today towards healthy eating habits and body movement.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of those around you. When we look at Jesus, we see times when he took a time-out from teaching and healing the sick to be alone and pray to the father. In the Old Testament, we have the example of the Creator resting on the seventh day, not because he needed to, but to be a guide for us—his creations. It's not selfish to spend time taking care of yourself.

Set a goal this year to make one better choice each day as you pursue a better you, and together we will pursue a better us.

by Chad Garmon, Executive Director of Christian Initiatives & Community Partnerships