Olympic Challenge Google + Hangout a Huge Success

On August 13, the first Olympic Challenge LIVE Google+ Hangout took off running! Members watched live at the Downtown Orlando YMCA or tuned into Facebook and Google+ as Mariana Gonzalez, Downtown Orlando Director of Health and Wellness, and Justin Higa, Roper YMCA Wellness Director, answered a variety of questions regarding the best cardio workouts, dealing with injuries and good training exercises for high school athletes. The live event was designed to provide members with an opportunity to ask YMCA wellness experts about anything and everything healthy-living related, and they weren’t disappointed. The questions kept coming, and Mariana and Justin kept providing in-depth, knowledgeable answers that members will no doubt benefit from. In fact, the event went so well that the Y is already planning another Google+ Hangout soon. Topic to be determined. Stay tuned ... The Challenge is your opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try some new activities that your membership at the Y provides. For more information on how to get started, see any YMCA Staff Member or call 407-896-6901.