Did you know that employees who exercise regularly have lower rates of absenteeism and higher levels of productivity, energy and focus?  Or that many doctors now believe that sedentary lifestyles are more harmful than smoking?   As part of the Y’s focus on Healthy Living, we are now offering a Corporate Partnership Program that helps companies improve employee health, while controlling skyrocketing healthcare costs. In addition to a healthier workforce and fewer medical claims, many companies are adopting wellness programs in order to reap significant savings from their medical insurance providers.   Regardless of your company’s size or focus, the Y can develop a customized solution that provides access to full range of Y quality facilities, programs and services. Among the most popular is the innovative Y Diabetes Prevention Program, which has a proven track record of helping people reduce their risk of diabetes, heart disease and other serious health problems.   Florida Hospital, Orange County Government, Siemens and Lockheed Martin are just a few of the local organizations that are partnering with the Y to improve the health of hundreds of employees.   For more information on how your company can benefit, please contact John Cardone, YMCA Vice President at (407) 644-3606 or email [email protected].