Helping Lake County Grow healthier and stronger

Every day, your Golden Triangle YMCA helps the people of Lake County grow healthier and stronger. It's a commitment that our employees take very seriously. Our goal is to help everyone, from toddlers to adults, make the very most of their lives. In 2013 we want you to GET BACK TO YOUR BEST and we can help you reach your goals through our COACH APPROACH program, a personalized wellness program that works for real people. This new approach will make a huge impact on getting our members to become more committed to their fitness goals. It's easy! If you need a personalized coach, there is a short questionnaire that determines whether or not The COACH APPROACH is right for you. Simply... "Has it been longer than 3 or 4 months since the last time you had an exercise program? Or, do you exercise less than 60 minutes in a week?" See one of our Wellness Coaches to get more details about this program. The COACH APPROACH adds great value to everyone, especially those that need it the most. Best regards, Tom Breck Executive Director