Changing the Obesity Statistics

The statistics tell us that only 3% of Americans enjoy exercise enough to make it a consistent part of their everyday lives. So we’ve decided to focus on the rest of us. Those of us who know what regular exercise is the right thing to do, but just can’t find the motivation. With the help of Dr. Jim Annesi, we are implementing a new wellness program that works for real people. It starts with a personalized assessment and an easy-to-follow plan that helps you kick the inactivity habit and start feeling the benefits of regular exercise right away, like having more energy and less stress. Our Wellness Floors and Classes are being redesigned to fit this new program. You’ll now find three distinct sections – health seeker, step-up and athlete – with equipment that fit your comfort level and staff who understand your goals and abilities. And you’ll receive plenty of personal attention to help you stay motivated and moving forward. Give it a try and you’ll find out that this isn’t like any program you’ve tried before. It’s one you can stick with for life. Our classes and welleness floors are being redesigned with your exercise comfort level in mind. Find the level that feels right for you. HEALTH SEEKER - Beginner: For those new to exercise or have not exercised in a while. Ready to get healthy or get back in shape? These classes are the perfect way to get started or try something new. STEP-UP - Intermediate: For people who regularly exercise. If you already have a good base level of fitness or have participated in the beginner’s class already, step up to the next level. ATHLETE - Advance: For the avid exerciser. If you’re an athlete who loves a challenge and want to be pushed – lace up your shoes…it’s go time!   Start today. Call 407.895.8659 and get started on a healthy path.