Expanding Our Mission

Buddy 1 Blog Post

At the Y, we often talk about “mission.” And as with any worthwhile mission, the goal is to impact as many people in a positive way as possible. At the Dr. Phillips Y, we strive to do this every day, and now we are about to expand our mission by adding more programs and services that will improve the lives of even more individuals and families in the community.

I’m happy to announce that we have secured all necessary building permits and that we will begin expanding our parking lot by 114 spots this month. This is just part of Phase 1 of our mission expansion, which also includes a new wellness floor with updated equipment, new spin room with new bikes, and two racquetball courts. During Phase 1, there will be no negative impact or inconveniences associated with creating these new features. And for anyone concerned about the soccer fields, not only will they not be disrupted by the creation of the new parking spots, they will actually be enhanced during the process.

Our goal is to bring the community closer together by creating a gathering place that speaks to the needs of everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. And it’s not just about creating more “space.” It’s what we do with that space that creates a lasting impact. For example, the new wellness floor will provide more cardio and strength conditioning options that will ultimately help members better control weight, boost energy, develop stronger bones and combat health conditions. The same goes for the new spin room, which will provide ample space for members to engage in both anaerobic and aerobic exercise to help build muscle endurance, increase lung capacity, tone legs and increase cardio fitness.

In the coming months, we will be communicating our expansion news through our website, an internal newsletter dedicated to mission expansion news and updates, via Facebook posts and throughout the facility via signage, so be sure to keep up to date on our progress as we continue to grow our mission in order to strengthen the Dr. Phillips community.