Ensuring a Brigther Future for Marion County

At the Y, we want to build an even stronger community in Marion County. With a thriving presence already in this local community, we aim to renovate the Y and make it a vital part of the Ocala community. Now is the time to stand together and advance the cause in Marion County. We created a $4 million Capital Campaign steering committee, chaired by Steve Wingo, who is keeping the legacy alive for those who first committed to establishing a Y in Marion County. Imagine what we can accomplish with a renovated and modern YMCA that is less crowded, conducive to building community daily and able to reach more area kids, adults and families with quality programs.


Marion County is growing and with that comes unique area needs. The YMCA renovation project will help us fulfill the vision we have for this thriving community. We want to transform the area into a model community in the state of Florida by establishing a community hub where every man, woman and child is welcome and lasting impact is created daily through quality programs and services that engage and connect neighbors.


We impact more than 20,000 children and adults in Ocala. With programs designed to improve health and well-being and provide support to children, adults and families, at the Y we are uniquely positioned to address critical health and social issues affecting the Marion County community.  Over the last five years, the Y at Marion County has tripled in size, from 4,000 to 12,000 members. Our facility, although functional and productive, has reached its space capacity. Expansion of the Marion County Y will enable us to make a healthier and more connected Ocala community. Here are just a few examples of how the renovation will make a much larger impact on our community. YOUTH SPORTS
  • Current Usage – 2,600 per year: We cultivate values and skills in our youth. While most schools are eliminating physical activities, our programs and staff keep kids active and help cultivate values and skills that lead to positive behaviors.
  • Expected with Expansion – 3,800 per year: Modernization of the YMCA facility in Ocala will enable our Youth Sports Program to instill our values, reach more kids and create greater impact in the community.
  • Current Usage – 12,000 per month: We improve health and prevent disease while bringing families together in a safe environment. The Marion County Y serves as a safe, positive place where families can come together to get healthy, have fun and connect.
  • Expected Usage Growth with Expansion – 20,000 per month: Renovating this area will permit designation of zones to better serve individuals and provide options at all ends of the fitness spectrum. The expansion will also allow for greater enrollment of members in signature wellness programs that help address key issues like the lack of commitment to an active life, poor eating/health habits and overall inactivity.
  • Current Usage – 4,000 per month: We promote education to help close the academic achievement gap between low and middle income kids we provide mentoring and teach kids, through or after school and youth sports programs, the life and educational skills they need to be successful.
  • Expected Usage Growth and Expansion – 7,000 per month – Creating a larger child development center will facilitate the delivery of a revamped curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow and develop social skills that prepare them to enter school.
At the Y of Marion County, we work day in and day out to create a lasting impact, but we want to extend our reach to more of our community. The rejuvenation of Marion County YMCA will help us reach our goal.


We are changing lives daily in Ocala. Help us move our cause forward and deliver on our promise: to strengthen our community and lay the foundation for future generations.  Today, we need your support. You can make a difference in a variety of ways.