One of the things that set the Y apart from many other local nonprofits is our promise to never turn people away due their inability to pay. It’s part of our mission and deep belief that for many local kids and families, the Y is simply their best, most direct connection to a better life.   It’s why we offer Y scholarships to more than 35,000 kids, families and seniors each day. It’s also why we’re asking you to support our community-wide annual support campaign, which runs through May.   If you’ve already donated to the 2013 scholarship campaign, THANK YOU. With so many of your Y neighbors receiving some sort of financial assistance, you don’t have to look far to see the people you are helping.   And if you haven’t donated yet – or want to continue helping − here’s your chance to do so.  Simply click here to make an immediate, life-changing difference. 100% of every donated dollar truly does make a difference: $25 provides 1 week of elementary afterschool care for a struggling family $50 provides swimming lessons to keep a child safe in the water $75 gives a deserving kid the chance to play soccer or other team sport for an entire season $100 gives a teen a safe place to hang out after school for 3 months $250 keeps a senior strong and independent with a 3-month membership $500 gives a child 1 month of summer camp and a lifetime of memories $1,000 gives a worthy family 1 full year of Y membership