With a new organizational structure in place for our Y, we’ve aligned the necessary resources and expertise to support all of our upcoming capital expansion projects. In all, we have identified $28 to $32 million in capital projects for 9 of our 22 Y Family Centers, including the Dr. Phillips, Frank DeLuca, Winter Park, Blanchard Park, Crosby, Oviedo, Wayne Densch, Osecola and J. Douglas Ys.   In fact, with design already underway for the Frank DeLuca Y and the Dr. Phillips Y projects, we’re well on our way to creating the “Ys of the Future.” Once complete, both of these facilities will serve as models for the new Y brand and our role as the foundation of the community.   Among the latest innovations they’ll feature will be health screening areas, demonstration kitchens, healthy bistros, diet and nutritional counseling and other prevention-based services. Eventually every Y family center will include these resources as we inspire people take greater personal responsibility for their health and well-being.   In addition to providing beautiful, vibrant neighborhood facilities, we also know that in order for people to truly embrace healthier lifestyles, our members’ relationship with the Y must be more personalized so they can meet their individual goals. To that end, we continue to support all levels of personal health planning through our Coach Approach program and innovative technology resources.   We also know that diet and nutrition – and how people shop for and prepare food – is a critical part of health and wellness, particularly when it comes to preventing obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.    For that reason, we are seeking new food service partners who will not only offer healthy food in our new bistros, but also conduct healthy cooking classes for members. In addition to meeting with Guckenheimer, a global innovator in serving delicious, natural foods, we’ve also gleaned creative new ideas from leading health and wellness centers around the nation.   So stay tuned. We’re gearing up and moving forward. And great things are ahead.