Annual Support Campaign

People don’t realize that the Y is more than a swim and gym. In fact, the Y is a cause that provides members with a way to connect in a secure environment and help neighbors right in their own communities. And we are happy to report that the connection and caring is stronger than ever. One way we help those in need in our communities is through our Annual Support Campaign. Our donors pledge their generous gifts to keep our programs running smoothly and support members who are in need or are facing temporary hardship due to the changing economy.  1,648 men and women are committed to volunteering their time, money and energy to advance our cause: strengthening communities. To date, we have raised over $1.5 million that keeps our doors open so we can serve Central Florida. We rely on volunteers who share about our cause. All of what we do would not be possible without the people who give to the Y. Over fifty-one percent of all Y members in our 11 Outreach Ys (located in communities with scarce resources) receive scholarships to keep kids engaged in after school programs and introduce them to new sports like golf, provide adults with tools to adopt a healthy lifestyle, families with events so they can enjoy time together, and other programs designed to address pressing issues in our communities. In 2011, we provided more than $5.2 million in scholarships & subsidies to over 31,500 kids, families, adults and seniors. Because of people like you, we can save a kid’s life by teaching them to swim. We can build confidence in kids while they work on their swing at the Tangelo Park Y Golf and Learning Center. We can prevent disease like obesity and diabetes from spreading throughout Central Florida. We can provide teens with the values they need to become a role model for someone else. We can keep our Seniors connected and with the spirit of independence they once valued. At the Y, we need people like you. Get involved.