Stronger Together: Partnering to Improve Our Community’s Health

The Y is fortunate to have the support of many like-minded partners who share our passion for health, wellness and strengthening communities. Together, we are taking action and improving Central Florida’s health and wellness – one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time.


As the community’s greatest advocate for Healthy Living research and collaboration, the Winter Park Health Foundation is one of the Y’s closest and most generous partners.

Its support led to the creation of the two of our top family centers: The Peggy and Phillip B. Crosby Wellness Center in Winter Park and the YMCA Center for Health & Wellness in Oviedo.

The foundation also set the stage for our hospital partnerships, which provide clinical rehabilitation and medically based wellness support for thousands of members each year.

And in 2012, it convened the “Crosby Collaborative” – along with the Y and Florida Hospital ─ to create a “Health and Wellness Neighborhood” that’s becoming a national model for how communities embrace prevention and healthier lifestyles.



Guided by a Christian mission to heal the spirit, mind and body, Florida Hospital has been a strong and inspirational partner for the Y. Together, at the Peggy and Phillip B. Crosby YMCA Wellness Center, we are providing preventative and rehabilitative services that are changing the way community health care is delivered.

And with 20% of the Winter Park population at age 65 or above, Florida Hospital’s onsite clinical services ─ along with support from the Winter Park Health Foundation ─ are helping local seniors stay strong, healthy and independent.

We’re also honored that Florida Hospital is offering the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program to help its own employees take charge of their health. We're also partnering to support Florida Hospital's Healthy 100 initiative, which helps educate and motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.


With Marion County’s health ranking near the bottom of all Florida counties, Munroe Regional Medical Center has become the Ys newest partner in transforming the health of an entire community.

In conjunction with the Frank DeLuca YMCA, the hospital is gearing up to combat chronic disease through onsite health screenings, health and wellness classes, clinical therapies, medical services and more.

The partnership coincides with a major gift from Ocala business leader Frank DeLuca, whose generosity will expand and transform this Y into a Healthy Living Center that strengthens the entire community.

Dr. Phillips Charities Logo 2c


Because of Dr. Phillips Charities’ 30 years of unwavering support to the Y and our cause, our organization and community have been transformed. And this year as we celebrate our 10th anniversary as Dr. Phillips’ primary support agency, the impact of this partnership continues to grow.

In addition to empowering us to improve communities all across Central Florida, Dr. Phillips Charities is underwriting what will become the most progressive, prevention-based YMCA in the nation. Located in the heart of its founders’ namesake community, the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA will stand as a great tribute to Dr. Phillips’ vision to “to help other help themselves.”

Over the years, Dr. Phillips Charities has also generously invested in many other local communities through its support of the Downtown, Osceola, South Orlando and Roper YMCAs. Its philanthropy has also enabled us to transform the YMCA Aquatic Center into one of the nation’s leading swimming, diving and water polo training/competition centers.

The lives that we are transforming today are changed, in large part, due to the incredible generosity of the partners who support us.