Safety Swims First

The safety of all our participants is our top priority. To ensure the health and safety of all campers and family members, the following Safe Start Safety Procedures are in place until further notice. Requirements are based on local city, county, and state orders.

  • Parents are asked to take the student’s temperature 1 hour prior to lessons. If it is above 100.4º, lessons will be canceled until the student is fever free without medication for 48 hours.
  • Swim instructors will wear face masks where appropriate.
  • Families are encouraged to wear face masks and continue to physically distance while indoors.
  • Safe Start instructors will properly disinfect surfaces between lessons, and ensure that any shared surfaces or areas are sanitized between students.
  • The Y will allow adequate time between lessons such that only one family is in the facility or area at a time for Safe Start Lessons.
  • The Y will stagger lesson start times to minimize traffic in the hallways, family locker rooms, and on the pool deck.

How You Can Help

There are several ways families can help Y team members and children stay safe before, during, and after their Safe Start lesson takes place. Please review the following details.

  • We ask that only one adult per student attends the swim lesson. YMCA instructors will designate an area where any parents and accompanying siblings can safely sit.
  • Please arrive no more than five minutes before your lesson time.
  • Please ensure swim students are fully dressed in swim attire upon arrival.
  • YMCA instructors will maintain a minimum distance of six feet from any other instructors or anyone else in or around the pool.
  • Parents and guardians must also follow physical distancing, including sitting a minimum of six feet away from the edge of the pool.
  • Parents and guardians must wear a face mask at all times while in the building, where local mask mandates apply.
  • Once your lesson is complete, please exit the pool area as soon as possible to allow for additional lessons that may follow.
  • Please don’t change children out of swim clothes and/or diapers on the pool deck. Use of appropriate locker rooms and/or changing areas is permitted.
  • Parents and guardians shouldn’t wring out swim diapers in the pool or around the deck area.
  • Any disposable swim diapers, diapers, or any other trash should be placed in a bag and taken home by the parent.