BORN TO MOVE: 4–5 Years
These fun classes are designed to help your young child develop bodily awareness, concentration skills, and learn how to behave in instructional and group settings. This action-packed class is updated frequently, ensuring your child never gets bored!

BORN TO MOVE: 6–7 Years
These classes get your kids moving while helping them develop balance, coordination, and control. Each class is set to music your kids will love, as they sing and dance along with the teacher. This class is action-packed so your child will have a great time developing a love for exercise!

BORN TO MOVE: 8–12 Years
This program is designed specifically for 8–12-year-olds who want to have fun. This high-energy class is guaranteed to be a fun experience for everyone involved. Kids who take this class will improve their physical fitness, as well as gain confidence and motivation!

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