Interval Training Classes

Class Descriptions

Interval training classes are the perfect way to break a sweat on your wellness journey with the Y! With varying levels of equipment and intensity, you’ll be sure to find a class suited to your workout style and needs.

Each class may not be available at every family center. Please check your family center’s schedule to see what’s offered at your YMCA!

This high-Intensity interval training class combines calisthenics, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises in cardio intervals. Exercises done in time bursts with short recovery periods. The goal is to reach an anaerobic state, increasing metabolism for 24–72 hours after the workout.

This high-intensity class is a cardio-based total body conditioning program packed with plyometric drills, strength and power intervals, and incorporates core training techniques. This class is great for cardio and endurance for all skill levels because the workout doesn’t require equipment.

Next Level
A high-intensity circuit workout uses everything from bodyweight and plyometric boxes to kettlebells and TRX bands to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, energy, and overall body tone. The goal is to reach an anaerobic state increasing metabolism for 24–72 hours after the workout.

Omnia Bootcamp
The ultimate fitness challenge that combines strength training with cardio intervals, group, and individual exercises to challenge your fitness level.

Power Hour
Enjoy a high-intensity cardio and strength class that gives you a full-body workout.

A full-body interval class with exercises in 30-second increments. The workout uses various exercises to gain total body strength and endurance as you “stack” sets of work.

Strength Training Intervals
These classes incorporate traditional weight training exercises, such as squats, presses, lifts, and curls. All major muscle groups are worked using barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment.

This high-intensity interval training class is fun and burns calories fast. It consists of four minutes of 20-second intervals of hard training following by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times, this technique is a cardio blast.

This high-intensity training class combines strength, cardio, and fun in a competitive team environment. Wear a heart rate monitor* to track performance and intensity based on target heart rate zones. The goal is to reach an anaerobic state increasing metabolism for 24–72 hours after the workout.

*Results are automatically synced to your mywellness account so you can keep track of your progress.