Holiday Health and Wellness Activities

Celebrate theHolidays by Becoming Healthier Together!

Join us for the YMCA of Central Florida 12 Ways to Holiday Health challenge! Throughout December, complete 12 workout sessions or holiday events at the Y or through YMCA360 for a chance to win a prize!

Healthy Activities

Check out a variety of activities we encourage you to complete during the 12 Ways to Holiday Health! Use the month of December to help jumpstart your fitness goals with your friends at the YMCA of Central Florida.

Sign Up Today!

Sign up at the front desk to receive a Holiday Health punch card.

Complete Your Punch Card

Complete a workout or a holiday event at the Y or through YMCA360 to receive a punch.

Win a Prize

Once you’ve completed 12 punches, turn your card in to the front desk for a chance to win a prize!

Christmas Message

Come back towards the middle of the month to a Christmas message from Reverend Archie Adams, YMCA of Central Florida Director of Christian Initiatives.

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Random Acts of Kindness

In addition to staying active, we have random acts of kindness you can do each day of the challenge. Spread some joy this holiday season!

1 Wait a Little Longer

If you’re not in a rush, let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store or shop.

2 Hold the Door

Hold the door open for someone next time you come in or out of a building.

3 Pay it Forward

Next time you go to the drive-thru, pay from someone’s coffee or beverage.

4 Lend a Helping Hand

Offer to run an errand for a loved one and help them cross something off their list.

5 Get in Touch

Take a moment to send a loved one a positive, thoughtful message.

6 Get Creative in the Kitchen

Share a holiday recipe with friends and family. If you’re able to, try preparing it with them as well!

7 Show Gratitude

It may seem simple, but brighten someone’s day by remembering to say thank you.

8 Support the Y while You Shop

Designate the YMCA of Central Florida as your AmazonSmile charity!

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