Keep track of your fitness goals and monitor your progression all while staying safe at your family center.

While our YMCA Central Florida app can help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and intuitive way, it also plays a role in helping us all stay healthy together! At Titusville YMCA, reservations for Weight Room/Floor Workout, Lap Swim WorkoutGroup Exercise Class, and the Tennis & Racquetball Facility are mandatory.

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Reservation Process, Guidelines, and More

Group Ex Class Descriptions

Are you wondering what one of our group ex classes involves? Check out our class descriptions by categories like cardio, strength, mind/body, and more!

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Older Adult Group Exercise and Healt Classes

Teen Center Rules of Engagement

We’re excited to announce our Teen Center has reopened! There’s a maximum capacity of 10 people allowed in at one time. All equipment for pool table, ping pong table, and air hockey table is accessible only at the front desk. Teens must be ages 16+ to use the pool table, and a membership ID is required to access pool table equipment.

• Teen Time: Ages 12+
• Family Time: Ages 11 years and younger (parent must be present)