30+ Adult Basketball Rules

  • All players/participants must be 30 years of age or older.
    • Staff may check ID or membership
  • Games are to be played on both courts simultaneously
    • If less than 10 players, full court may be played per staff approval
  • All games are to be played 4v4
  • Games will be played first to 11 (1’s and 2’s) 
    • Time clock will be set to 11 minutes
    • After a tie, first basket scored will determine winner
  • The first 16 players signed up will play the first set of games (captain/draft)
  • All players must physically sign in (no holding spots)
  • After a loss, players must sign back in for next up.
  • Winners play on court 1

Adult Futsal

  1. In the field:
  • We don’t argue on the field but instead call our fouls by saying FOUL or raising our hand. Everyone should respect the calls
  • Not rough play 
  • No slide tackling or elbows.
  • No cleats, jewelry, or glasses if avoidable.
  • No cursing out or arguing with other players.
  • No complaining.    
  • If there is a disagreement, please try to be considered and move forward fast to avoid unnecessary delays. Remember that each game is only 6 minutes and an argument may last 10 minutes
  • We won’t entertain anyone to physically or verbally disrespect any of the captains. We will report to the YMCA staff on duty any misbehaviors.   
  • Share your concerns or questions with your team captain and not out loud
  • Any new rule if approved will be implemented in the next following game

We encourage generosity on and off the field.

Adult Futsal – Game Breakdown

The Futsal program starts from 7 to 9 pm. We will select teams at 7 pm. Please arrive on time. It’s required to be at least 18 years old to play. This is a COED program.

  1. We have a reversible training vest approved by the YMCA to help with the organization of the game. The cost is subject to change so please contact your team leader for updates. You may also purchase this vest online.
  • We will have captains selecting the teams. To be a captain you must know the rules of the game, and be a leader of your team. Captains are not only for selecting players but to interact with others captains if necessary. 
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 28 players with 4 teams with 1 player as a substitution (7 players per team). If you arrive late and we have already full teams then you will need to wait for a spot to become available. For this reason, we encourage players to arrive on time.
  • Four Team rules: The team winner will stay in the field but will need to remain winning games to stay in the field (not draw). If there is a draw, then both teams will be out.

Tree Team rules: The winner will stay. If there is a draw then the last team that got in the field will stay. This means that the current team in the field needs to win to remain in the field.

  • If you arrive late and we still have space within the 28 players then you will need to be placed on the applicable team base on the team’s selection order.  

If 3 teams are in the field and it’s necessary to create a fourth team then:

The 3rd player that was chosen by the captains or the 4th player of the team will automatically be part of the 4th team. Captains will need to acknowledge in advance who that 3rd player chosen is to expedite the process and avoid delays.

  • If a Captain selects a player and the player refused to be part of that team, then he won’t be allowed to play any other team. Please talk to the team leaders or captain in advance to avoid misunderstandings. 

Note: All authorized guests are welcome to play and have the same rights as any member. An authorized guest may participate if there is a space available.

Gymnasium Rules

  • No food or drinks are allowed.
    • Closed water bottles / sports drinks are permitted.
  • No foul language or fighting will be permitted
  • Speakers are not permitted without staff approval
  • Shirts and appropriate sneakers must be worn at all times
  • Children under the age of 12 must have a parent/guardian in the gym at all times
    • Does not apply during YMCA programming
  • No hanging from rims or nets.
  • Basketballs can be checked out at the front desk
  • Practices are only allowed during program and/or with staff approval
  • The available gymnasium hours posted are subject to change at any time without notice.

Pickleball Policies

The YMCA offers Pickleball as a recreational sport. It is intended for everyone to have fun, to be in community, and grow together in sport.

  • All members have the ability to play and we are inclusive to all levels.
  • We are Inclusive to all and will always show respect.   
  • We will not tolerate disrespect to any members, staff or equipment.
  • Please follow YMCA code of conduct in all situations.
  • If you have any issue, please locate a staff member at the front.
  • All members and guests aged 15+ can play.
  • First-time players, please see the staff member for an introduction to policies.

Equipment & Setup

  • Members are responsible for setting up and breaking down the equipment.
    • Staff will assist when available
  • YMCA will provide balls for use.
  • The YMCA will not be responsible for any member’s lost or broken balls.

Points / Scoring

  • The furthest baseline from the entrance serves first.
  • Games will be scored to 11, win by 2.
  • Due to the volume and discretion of staff, we may announce gameplay to eight (win by 1).
  • Receiving side always makes the call for in/out calls.
  • If partners disagree, the advantage goes to the opponent
  • The winning team will remain on the court after the match play
  • Winners stay on, with a two-game max limit
  • After a second consecutive win, all 4 players are off.
  • A “Pickle” will not count as a match (the opponent does not score points)


  • Paddle holders are designated for waitlist.
  • When ready to play, place the paddle on the holder.
  • When a match finishes, the next 2 players waiting will enter the court.
    • If 6 or more players are waiting at end of the match – 4 players off, 4 players on.
  • If player(s) need to leave, the next player(s) in the queue will replace the spot.
  • If player in queue is not in the gym when the next up is called, the paddle moves to the back of the queue.

Pickleball Courts  

  • GYM A will be considered COMPETITIVE (3.0 skill level and above).
  • GYM B will be considered BEGINNER/INTERMDIATE.
  • Please respect the level of play and play accordingly.
  • Right court will be considered a BEGINNER court.
    • This court may be closed by staff without notice for introduction and lessons.
  • Due to YMCA programming, the gym court availability may change.
  • If we do not have enough players to fill 2 courts, we may open it up for basketball use.

Challenge Court

  • Court 1 on Gym A will be dedicated as a challenge court for advanced players
  • This court is designed for those who are highly competitive and playing at full speed
  • A separate waitlist paddle holder is created for this court


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Pickup Sports Program

Pickup sports programs are available on a limited basis. Gym guidelines may vary for pickup sports, so please contact the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA with any additional questions you have!