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However, here’s the hopeful truth: Drowning is preventable. And, at the YMCA of Central Florida, we’ve made it our mission to keep kids and adults safe in and around water all year long.

With pools, lakes and beaches all around us in Central Florida, it’s no surprise that Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children ages 1 to 4*.

Florida is a unique place surrounded by water – with countless lakes, rivers, and pools to explore. Kids are naturally curious, and many of them are drawn to the water. However, not all children know how to swim, and this can be risky. These challenges have become more serious during the pandemic, especially for kids in neighborhoods that don’t have many resources. But there’s some encouraging news: we can stop this problem.

Join us in this vital cause. Let’s become the guardians of our community’s future, ensuring that no one’s life is cut short due to a preventable tragedy.

Together, let’s ensure that everyone can enjoy the water safely and create a brighter, more secure future.

Learn more about Drowning Prevention: Florida Department of Health. * Drowning prevention. Drowning Prevention | Florida Department of Health. (n.d.).

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Boy swimming in water

As we wrap up the year, our commitment to being a vital resource for the community remains unwavering, whether it’s aiding students, supporting fitness goals, or fostering social connections among seniors. Witness these stories to experience our dedication to Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility, and join us in making a positive impact as we continue to empower youth, promote well-being, and inspire positive change in our communities.

Image of Veronica Berry at the J Douglas Williams Family Center pool

Overcoming Her Fears

“You don’t want to be somewhere and someone around you is drowning because you can’t swim.”

Veronica Berry wanted to overcome her childhood fear of learning how to swim. Through the Y, she was able to achieve her dream of learning to swim so she can avocate for swim lessons for all.

Eliana swimming in YMCA swimming pool

Learning Lifesaving Water Safety Skills

“I just remember seeing her face down at the bottom of the pool and I jumped in to pull her out.”

Following a near-drowning experience at a friend’s swimming pool, Elisa knew she had to help her daughter learn lifesaving water safety skills. That’s when she stepped into our YMCA. Watch her powerful #MyYStory.

Safe Start instructor holding toddler in the pool who is excited to be swimming

Confidence with Water Safety

“It’s my responsibility to make sure they have the skills and knowledge and the comfort in the water to save themselves and just be confident.”

After taking life-saving swim lessons at the Y as a kid, Blake Broadhurst sought out the same level of water safety instruction for his children. Blake and Lindsay share how they now feel confident in their children’s ability to be safe in and around water.

Getting Peace of Mind

“I felt like they needed to learn quickly because my younger son loves water, but I didn’t feel safe with him in it yet.”

When Isaura Monegro and her family moved from the Dominican Republic, one of her top priorities was enrolling her sons in swim lessons. She’s now more confident than ever about her sons being safe around water.

Girl in pool next to woman swim instructor similing as she learns to swim

Go for Green

“Watching her go from sinking in the shallow end to swimming in the deep end, it makes you proud as a parent.”

Amie’s daughter Avalynn has always loved being in water. After falling into the pool one day, Amie realized she needed to ensure her daughter was prepared around water, she and enrolled Avalynn in potentially live-saving swim lessons at the Y!

Developing Support Networks

“Swimming with the Y has not only taught me about commitment, but it has taught me about discipline and perseverance.”

When the Taylor family was faced with tragedy, the Y swim community embraced them with love and support. This helped them keep going, and to helped motivate daughter Olivia to become a National Champion swimmer.

Drowning Prevention

Image of man teaching boy to swim at Winter Park YMCA pool

Swim Lessons

Choose from group swim lessons or private lessons with certified instructors from an aquatics program that’s taught kids and adults alike how to swim for generations.

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Image of instructor teaching senior to swim

Safety Around Water

Learning to stay safe around water may begin at the Y, but it doesn’t end there. That’s why we engage and educate families with water safety tips during Water Safety Month.

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Safe Start

Safe Start

Thanks to Dr. Phillips Charities, the Y has offered this lifesaving drowning prevention program since 2001 to thousands of infants as young as 6 months old.

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Learn More About Drowning Prevention At the Y

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