OneBlood Big Red Bus Parked at a YMCA

Donate Blood and help Save Lives

The Y is honored to partner with OneBlood to help our neighbors. There is a vital need for blood as we face this public health emergency. Did you know just one pint of blood can save up to three lives?

The Y and OneBlood followed guidance from health authorities to keep donors and employees alike safe. During blood drives, the Y opened the parking lots of multiple family centers to host Red Buses on select dates. Only a certain number of people were permitted on bloodmobiles at any one time. Donors were asked to provide their cell phone numbers so they could wait in their car or outside the bloodmobile and were called when it is their turn to donate.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that the coronavirus poses no known risk to the safety of the nation’s blood supply and does not pose any known risk to patients receiving blood transfusions. Only people who are healthy are eligible to donate blood, but as an additional safety precaution, OneBlood is asking people who have traveled to a high-risk area for the coronavirus to self-defer for 28 days upon returning to the United States.

Upcoming Event Details

Please check our calendar for upcoming blood drive event information. If you miss a blood drive, you can still visit the OneBlood website to schedule an appointment.

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OneBlood safety protocols

  • Wearing medical gloves for blood collections.
  • Using sterile collection sets for every donation.
  • Wiping down donor-touched areas and equipment after every collection with disinfectant.
  • Conducting donor mini-physicals (including temperature checks) to ensure donors are healthy and well on the day of donation.

It is partners like the YMCA in our community that make me so proud to be a citizen of Orlando.

“We have an amazing, compassionate community and the work that the YMCA does is a significant part of it. Again, OneBlood is so grateful for our community support and we are especially grateful to you!” Katie Reeley, OneBlood Regional Director, Region 4