Welcome to the STRONG Challenge

Open to YMCA members and the community, and free for all participants!

Today, it’s more important than ever to prioritize healthy living. Join the YMCA of Central Florida in the STRONG Challenge starting October 12, and experiment with activities designed to encourage a purpose-driven life that’s strong in spirit, mind, and body! This 6-week challenge only takes 20 minutes and day, five days a week, and has weekly themes for everyone—regardless of age or skill level. You can push yourself to new heights, and participate on your own or with a friend. We’re also providing resources like an Activity Tracker and a STRONG Challenge Facebook Group to help you stay on track. Discover what it means to be strong!

Weekly Activities

Woman Exercising Outdoors

Week 1

Set Goals

Family Playing Games on a Laptop

Week 2

Play On

Week 3

Get Connected

Week 4

Prioritize Rest

Week 5

Serve Others

Group of People Doing Outdoor Yoga

Coming Soon

Week 6

Find Balance

Join the Facebook Group

We’ve created a YMCA of Central Florida STRONG Challenge Facebook group for everyone in the community to come together. You can share your struggles and successes with your new friends, and find a new workout buddy!

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Activity Tracker

Keep track of your progress and goals!

Did you know it’s proven that physically writing down your goals can help you stay more motivated? Use this Activity Tracker and post it in a prominent place in your home so you can see your daily progress and commitment.

Download an Activity Tracker

I’m a single mom of a 4-year-old. Before having my child, I was very active and involved in boot camps, and dancing.

“Since that my focus has shifted to working hard and being a mom. Needless to say I have been finding it hard to find a little time to take care of myself… Joining this challenge will help get me up and going again so that I can shed some weight, get some more energy, and begin taking care of myself again!” Challenge Participant

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Virtual and Physical Fitness and the Y
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