YMCA Swim Instructor with a Child

Ages 3+ Years

Our private swim lessons are designed to help teach water skills and safety.

When you opt for a private lesson, you’ll receive personalized, one-on-one coaching from a certified swim instructor who is specially trained in the best safety practices. During your private lesson, you’ll receive all of the instructor’s focus, which can make learning to swim quicker and easier.

Lesson Details

Lesson Dates

Registration is ongoing

Lesson Duration

30 minutes per lesson

Instructor/Student Ratio


What to Bring

Students should bring towels, sunscreen, and a swim shirt. Children should wear a swim diaper under a swimsuit with snug-fitting legs.

Make Up Policy

Due to weather, pool issues, or other circumstance we may have to reschedule our swim lessons. If your lesson is canceled by the Y, you will receive notification and will sign up for your make up day and time at the front desk. Make up times may vary.

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