Dan Wilcox

Former President & CEO, YMCA of Central Florida

Watch as Dan Wilcox delivers an introduction for the YMCA of Central Florida’s 27th Annual Celebration of Prayer event!

Josiah Ravish

Pastor at CrossPointe Downtown, YMCA Mission Committee

Listen as Pastor Josiah sings “Death in His Grave,” a song about Christ’s sacrifice and mankind’s reward of eternal life with God.

Dan Mastrapa

Pastor at Sent Church, YMCA Mission Committee

Learn about Peter the Apostle’s inspirational message describing Jesus’s resurrection, how it’s still relevant today, and how it will lead to our everlasting salvation.

Ryan Walker

Pastor at CrossPointe Downtown, YMCA Mission Committee

Just like in Romans 8:22, we recognize that there’s a growing, collective yearning for more hope. Strengthen your spirit with prayer, and stay steadfast in God.

Beth Kollas

Vice President of Corporate Compliance & Risk Management, YMCA of Central Florida

Tune in for a message about speaking out against hate, injustice, and sin—and how we can follow Jesus’s lead of loving our neighbors to create a better future for all.

Wes Beachum

Pastor at Hope Church, YMCA Mission Committee

Watch Pastor Wes describe three things you should focus on remembering not only this Easter Sunday but beyond.

Greg Stoughtont

CRU Church, YMCA Mission Committee

Watch Greg read Isaiah 43:18–19 from the Old Testament, and talk about how to let go of the past and step into our future led by God.

Edgewood Children’s Ranch

Edgewood Children’s Ranch is a nonprofit families a fresh start through spiritual development.

Watch children cover “The Blessing”—a song reminding us God is on our side—in American Sign Language.

Collin Outerbridge

Lead Pastor at Nona Church, YMCA Mission Committee

Come together in prayer to stay inspired by God, and hear a message about remaining optimistic even in the chaos of everyday life.

Miguel Medina

Pastor at CrossPointe Español, YMCA Mission Committee

Aunque el pastor Miguel había estado involucrado en la iglesia desde una edad temprana, realmente no llevó una vida dedicada a Dios. Escuche su testimonio personal sobre cómo aprendió que nuestro trabajo, así como nuestro sufrimiento, tienen sentido.

Chad Garmon

Vice President of Community Engagement & Christian Initiatives

Join us with a prayer to God that will remind you to keep yourself and your loved ones grounded in faith, guided only by God, and devoted to the themes in the Gospel.

Chris Storms

Area Director for Young Life, YMCA Mission Committee

Watch Chris discuss encouragement in Matthew 28, and how to remain dedicated to your beliefs.

Eric Filkin

Pastor at Bridges Church, YMCA Mission Committee

Tune in for a brief discussion about celebrating the renewal, recreation, and reconciliation that Easter Sunday is all about.

Jon Davis

Director of Ministry at Christ Episcopal, YMCA Mission Committee

Similar to Jesus’s experience in the wilderness, the past year has been full of unknowns and tragedies. But following these difficult times, there will always be new growth.

Nona Church

Listen as the worship team at Nona Church sing “Run to the Father,” a song about letting our worries go, and putting our full trust in God.

Pete Krzyzak

Managing Director of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors, YMCA of Central Florida Metro Board Chair

Wrap up the 27th Annual Celebration of Prayer event with an inspiring message and learn about the YMCA Virtual Prayer Wall!

About the Celebration of Prayer

At the Y, we have a clear mission: to improve the lives of all in Central Florida by connecting individuals, families, and communities with opportunities based on Christian values that strengthen spirit, mind, and body. Through this prayer event, we bring together people of all ages, incomes, faiths, and backgrounds who are determined to make Central Florida a stronger community and a great place to live. The Celebration of Prayer breakfast event, held each year during Holy Week, is a unique opportunity to come together to celebrate the YMCA’s Christian heritage and mission that has guided our organization for more than 175 years.

Virtual Prayer Wall

Be part of a community in prayer no matter where you are!

The YMCA movement was founded by people who came together to pray for their co-workers and community. That tradition still lasts today at the YMCA of Central Florida. We invite you to share your prayer request with us and also to pray for those who have asked us to keep them in our prayers as well.

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Driven by its founding mission, the Y has served as a leading nonprofit committed to working side-by-side with our neighbors for more than 175 years.

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